Builders administration

As a builders’ representative we work according to the principles of a trustee. This means we represent the interests of the client. Our range of activity includes analyzation, management and execution activity to corrective interventions in the project flow of new buildings and reconstruction.


Our services for you: 


  • Market analysis, examination of sale possibilities
  • Determination of apartment types
  • Contract with architects, examination of preliminary projects, control of ground plans and rentable and sellable space
  • Organization of projects, meetings, approval of new buildings and supervision of warranty work
  • Prüfung der vom Architekten visierten Rechnungen und Zahlungsanweisungen, Führen eines Baukontos und Zahlungsplanes, laufende Rechnungskontrolle, Kontrolle allfälliger Garantierückbehalte
  • Examination of invoices and payment instructions directed by the architect, management payment plan, ongoing audit checks, checking of guarantee retention
  • Enforcing the interests of the client in all planning and construction phases