Designs for living

We want your own home to be the most beautiful place on earth for you.

We focus on all those people who love beauty, and who want to work and live in a harmonious environment. People who experience added value through aesthetic pleasure, love luxury and want to live their lives outside the mainstream in conditions that are impressive and elegant, cool and modern or classical and timeless. The people who come to us are looking for something special – and here you will find it.

We discover with you what your really personal line is, and convert this into reality. We develop made to measure interior design schemes for the home and business sectors, tailored down to the last detail.
Here too the love of detail is the be-all and end-all. Tell us about your tastes. We will set out with you on the unwavering quest for perfection.

Our range of services includes:

  • Interior design schemes, as well as the design of furniture of the highest quality
  • Elegant interior design for exclusive residences, retail outlets, offices, professional practices and hotels
  • Individual advice, planning and the award of the contract and commissioning of all types of work, site management, cost control, acceptance, etc.
  • If desired, unique furniture built to your taste
  • Spectacular wall decoration and lighting schemes
  • Designs for kitchens and bathrooms, and wellness areas


We work with a team of expert architects, planners and craftsmen who have many years of experience with the equipping and furnishing of luxury properties.