Buying a property

The buying process

  • Find a property
  • Make an offer / Accept the price
  • If the seller accepts the offer, a notary is appointed who acts for both buyer and seller. He legalizes the sale whilst ensuring the buyer is protected. We will recommend a notary or you can choose your own. The notary has to be located in the same Canton as the property you’re buying.
  • At this stage it is important you are confident you have the finances and that the bank supports you.
  • To reserve the property you normally pay a 10% deposit to the notary.
  • The notary prepares the “acte de vente” and a convenient appointment is made for both, buyer and seller, to sign the contract
  • A date is agreed on for the final 90% to be paid to the notary. This usually coincides with the registration of you as the new owner (this can be different if you buy a property off-plan)
  • The end

    Total cost of a buying a property
  • The purchase price of the property
  • Notary fees and stamp duty, about 2.0 – 2.5% of the purchase price
  • Mortgage costs (in tax and notary costs): 1 – 1.5% of the value of the mortgage

    Financing your home
  • 20% deposit, 80% mortgage
  • The wealth of the buyer can alter these percentages 

    When and what to pay
  • Resale: 10% as a deposit, 90% at the signing
  • New construction: 10% as a deposit, 30% when contracts is signed, 30% when the roof has been built, 30% when you receive the keys 

    The rules for buying real estate property as a foreigner

    In Zermatt:
  • You must have a Swiss passport or a B or C permit to buy a property (EU citizens with a B Permit can buy a holiday flat, not EU citizens wit a B Permit can only buy a primary home, no restrictions for C permit holder)

    In the Canton Ticino:
  • You must have a Swiss passport or a B or C permit to buy a property (EU citizens with a B Permit can buy a holiday flat, not EU citizens with a B Permit can only buy a primary home, no restrictions for C permit holder) or you can request an authorization to buy as a foreigner:
    A non-Swiss can only purchase one property per family. “Independent” children over 20 years of age are also authorized to buy one property
  • You can only resell your property after owning it for at least 5 years
  • In theory the owner or a family member has to spend a minimum of 3 weeks in his Swiss residency
  • You can buy a maximum of 1000m2 of land or a living space of around 200m2

    Elsewhere in Switzerland
  • The rules change depending on the location of your desired property. In the majority of the Cantons the rules are similar to the ones in the Canton Ticino. 

    If you aren’t sure or have any questions, feel free to contact us.

    Primary home – Second home Apartments
  • you can find the latest information each in the heading downloads

Selling a property

You would like to sell a property? Contact us, to disuse the best way, to start.
For our clients we are always looking for apartments, chalets, lots of land, hotels, restaurants etc.


  • Professional sales material and brochures
  • Marketing via various internet portals (Immostreet, Immoscout24, Homegate, Immowelt, our own website),
    Tele Zermatt, ads in newspapers and real estate magazines
  • Assessment of the property value and determination of a in-line-with-market price
  • Preparation and execution of all contractual details

Search request for property

You are looking for a property in a certain area? But you have neither time nor space to evaluate countless offers, to visit dozens of real estate agents or to spend hours upon hours searching the internet? With a purchasing assignment you’re giving us an assignment to search a property for you according to your requirements. We will look through all the offers and present you with a selection. We will obviously consider not only our properties but all the properties on the market. Then you can choose which property you’d like to visit and we will organize everything for you. We would be pleased to inform you about the different possibilities in a personal meeting.

Profit from the following advantages:

  • only one contact person
  • thorough market overview before you choose a property
  • neutral evaluation of the property with all the pros and cons
  • through our vast network of connections and our real estate know howyou will get offers which you might have overlooked on your own